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3 Most Common Injuries for Female Athletes and How to Recover

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We know how much training is needed for physical activity and strengthening the immune system, especially nowadays when we all have a fast life and probably pay less attention to nutrition. It is also considered to be one of the healthiest ways in the fight against stress. There are many benefits of training, but we must be careful and watch out for many injuries. 

As in any sport, no matter which gender we’re talking about, injuries are possible, and we should try to do everything we can to avoid them. We are pleased with the fact that more and more women are sports athletes. 

Depending on the nature of the sport you play, injuries can be easy or better say easier to heal, and there are also the more difficult ones that we hope you won’t meet. Today we pay attention to women and talk about the 3 most common Injuries for female athletes and how to recover, so let’s get started.

ACL injury

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In the beginning let’s see what is an ACL? ACL is the tissue that connects the femur to the lower leg in the knee area. It is the part of the knee that gives the joint stability. The ACL controls the movement and rotation of the knee. According to research, it is believed that women, due to their more upright posture, are more likely to have a knee injury than men. 

This injury can occur with improper jump landing or fast turning. Dynamic sports, which often require the movement of the hips and lower legs in different directions, have a greater chance of this injury. Such sports are football, basketball, handball, etc.

How to recover from ACL injury?

There are different degrees of this injury. Whatever degree you have, you must visit your orthopedist or if you do not have one you can seek help from Adriameduae.

For minor injuries, it is recommended to rest until the swelling subsides, take painkillers or put ice on the injured spot that can relax the muscle. It is important to avoid movement, especially rashly ones.

In severe degrees of this injury, which occur less frequently, surgery is recommended.

To avoid this trauma, it is advisable to limber up the whole body well with the emphasis on the legs and knees before training.

Pulled muscles

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Another injury that is most common among women. The injury can be very painful. In fact, because of large overload, either weight gain or excessive training, muscle or muscle fiber rupture can occur. Due to this injury, the muscle ceases to function and any attempt to move it brings an unpleasant experience. Another thing that needs to be taken care of is muscle atrophy. The best way to prevent this injury is through diet. Make sure that you, as an athlete, get enough vitamins and minerals to keep your muscles flexible.

Recipe for recovery

By resting and taking a break from the training, you can heal this injury. Stretched muscles heal themselves. So creams for healing stretched muscles can help speed up this process.

Stress fractures

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The reason for this injury may be for two reasons. Muscle fatigue is one of them. Training beyond your ability leads to this injury. Also, after the age of thirty, women are prone to losing bone mass, so if the muscles are overworked, it is logical that there is a greater possibility of this injury happening. Another reason can be excessive diet and the thinness of women who are in training. Marathoners, for example, can have a common problem with stress fractures.

Method of treatment

Here as well is recommended rest as a natural and best remedy against this injury. Also a higher intake of calories and vitamins D, K and C as well as magnesium, which also have a strong effect on strengthening bones.

We have pointed out to you just some of the many injuries that can happen during training. However, concentrate on doing all preventative measures to stop injury and strengthen your body.