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How Long Does Ptosis Surgery Last?

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Ptosis surgery is a unique operation used to correct droopy eyelids. The procedure involves applying a local anesthetic to the eyelids and tightening the muscles attached to the eyelid. Patients will have individual needs, so every droopy eyelid surgery is customized to produce the best outcome. Here’s an overview of how long ptosis surgery lasts, including what the procedure involves and optimal recovery time.

Ptosis Surgery Duration

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Ophthalmologists use two primary techniques to complete ptosis surgeries: general and sling. The general technique involves tightening the muscles that hold the upper eyelids (levator muscle). Sling technique lifts the eyelid using the frontalis muscle. The eyelid surgeon will determine which procedure is ideal based on the type of ptosis and degree of drooping. Patients also have unique eyelid characteristics, so no two surgeries are the same.

Ptosis surgery can take up to 90 minutes if the operation is for both upper eyelids and 45 minutes for one upper eyelid. The surgeon will apply the anesthesia to the eye and then incise the natural skin crease formed by the drooping. Next, the eyelid surgeon will stitch the levator muscle to strengthen the attachment to the eyelid. The surgeon will then adjust the eyelid height to correct drooping.

How Long Does Recovery Last?

After a ptosis operation, the patient should get adequate rest to promote healing. Eyelid surgery requires patience and care to ensure smooth healing. Post-ptosis surgery recovery generally takes up to three months. Some people recover early, while others require more time, so there’s no standard healing time for everyone. The type of surgery also influences how fast one heals. Revision surgery will need more rest. Here’s the timeline for ptosis surgery recovery:

  • After a few hours, the patient should be able to leave the facility for home
  • Depending on the operation, it’ll take six to ten days to remove the fine stitches
  • Variable swelling and bruising should go away within one to two weeks
  • Minimal swelling will remain for a few weeks, though the length of time depends on the individual
  • The patient should be fully healed by the months post-operation

Ptosis Surgery Care & Complications

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Eyelid surgery complications during operation are rare when a licensed ophthalmologist handles the procedure. There are various things to do before and after surgery to improve the success rate and speed up recovery. To ensure success and swift recovery, reputable ophthalmologists will provide instructions during the initial consultancy and after the surgery. Below are some of the top ptosis surgery care tips:

  • Follow all the recommendations of the eyelid surgeon
  • Clean the eyelid as many times as recommended
  • Use ice packs as recommended by the surgeon
  • Take at least ten days off work and strenuous activities
  • Don’t skip any scheduled visit to the surgeon
  • Use prescribed ointments to keep the eyelid moist
  • Avoid smoking before and after surgery until fully recovery
  • Don’t wear contact lenses until the surgeon approves
  • Use sunglasses to protect the eyelid
  • Don’t use blood-thinning medications around the time of your surgery

How Long Does Revision Ptosis Surgery Take?

First-time ptosis surgeries generally don’t last longer than 45 to 90 minutes. Revision surgeries can take longer because the patient must first heal before a correction is considered. If the client isn’t happy with the results, the surgeon can discuss the possibility of a revision. Such procedures are more delicate because they involve operating on a recently wounded eyelid. Surgeons must also find new positions to strengthen muscle attachment.

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Trustworthy Droopy Eyelid Surgery

Whether cosmetic or medical, an eyelid lift is a huge decision and delicate operation calling for experienced ophthalmologists. Getting the best droopy eyelid surgery is crucial to produce desirable results and improve recovery. Working with a reputable facility can ensure proper preparation, smooth operation, and fast recovery.