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Which Aligners are Right For You?

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The aligners are a new primary form of teeth correction. It has all but overtaken braces, even when somebody has issues that do require braces it’s likely the treatment will shift to aligners once the issue has been brought down to a more manageable level.

This is why it’s important to get information on the best possible aligner. We will present some below and hopefully help you solve the confusion around the matter.

Aligners may change depending on age

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If you are younger, there’s a chance the aligners you are given won’t be the same as adults. Multiple companies aim to provide aligners for each type of person, this includes age demographics too. 

For example, teenagers are likely going to be wearing aligners that are specifically adjusted to fit their jaw and develop bone structure. This way, they’ll be able to skip extensive aligner or braces carrying periods by doing them a bit early.

Clear aligners

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Most aligners will fall into this group and most of the more generic ones will be made out of simple plastic. While clear aligners are very much the standard and the below entries are also related to this category, the less prominent brands may be a bit of a gamble to purchase.

For one, their durability may not be as good making it possible to break them. The time they take to correct your teeth may take even longer than usual and in some cases these tools can be extremely uncomfortable. They do have the advantage of being mostly transparent and removable but you should ask the dentist about available options before getting a pair.

Invisalign aligners

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Among the aligner brands, one of the most popular ones is Invisalign. So much so that they get their own entry here. These aligners employ a very simple principle that they work on. They align the teeth by using a series of molds that are supposed to affect our teeth over a number of months and force them into a better position.

The duration of the process varies depending on the severity and the amount of time you wear them daily. While some may prefer to wear them during the night only, others may prefer to wear them during the whole day to speed up the process. On the other hand, more frequent wearing may be required due to the state your teeth are in.

You should be able to find a proper aligner and a good diagnosis on Dentalign. These dental professionals are extremely well educated and are ready to provide their services quickly as well as with great efficiency. Regardless, it provides a pretty good treatment with very little change to our daily life.

Spark aligners

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The Spark aligners are even clearer than the previous entries, as unbelievable as that sounds. The Spark aligners are made out of TruGen material which has shown itself to be better as an overall aligner material. It’s not only more durable but the usual staining issues people run into are highly reduced by TruGen.

The comfort of the aligners seems to be improved as well, while they will still move your teeth around the process won’t feel as forceful. The spark aligners are better aesthetically too so they may be right for those who are very interested in accessorizing their aligners.