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Toni renovates her life | Coaching

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Toni is a busy woman, but her health is suffering as a result. She has tried everything to lose weight and get into shape, but nothing has worked. After trying out the latest technology in the form of virtual reality, she finally found something that works for her.

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Toni Bauer, 34, seemed to have it all.

A successful union. Two wonderful children. This is a stunning home. A thriving coaching company. And a healthy, fit physique.

Her life was in shambles a year later.

Her husband was stationed in Illinois for months while she and the kids were in Texas. Her company had to be placed on hold, and she had to give up her professional identity in the process.

The family had exchanged their carefully constructed dream house for a fixer-upper in urgent need of repair when they eventually reunited. Toni’s weight has reached its greatest point since her second pregnancy.

She was perplexed. Miserable. And I’m embarrassed. She then became a member of Coaching.

Let’s fast forward a year. Toni opened the door, 46 pounds lighter and physically and emotionally stronger than she’d ever been, holding out a $10,000 cheque to her Coach, Krista Schaus.

Toni’s Life Changes

I lost 46 pounds and 13% body fat!


  • 36 years old
  • 46 pound weight loss (from 185 lbs to 139 lbs)
  • Body Fat Percentage Lost: 13% (from 29 percent to 16 percent )
  • 8 inches were lost in total (from 39 inches to 31 inches)

Toni was well-versed in as a personal trainer. She was a knowledgeable and committed professional who never gave up on her hapless customers.

Instead, she confronted herself with difficult questions. Why didn’t these individuals seem to be making any progress? What exactly was going on?

“I felt there was a missing element, and I knew it had to do with nutrition,” she said.

She knew this was the genuine thing as soon as she received the PN binder. “I admired the science that underpins it. It was logical. I always suggested the curriculum to my clients!”

“The gap between knowing and acting may be immense,” she acknowledges. Toni, like hundreds of others before her, struggled to maintain healthy behaviors when her own life reached a crisis.

She had all the information in the world, yet it couldn’t stop her from gaining weight. Her expanding waistline wasn’t the worst of it. Toni was even more distraught by the loss of her identity. How could she, a dedicated personal trainer who understood all there was to know about fitness and health, let this happen to her? So, how did it make you feel about her?

Confused. Embarrassed. Ashamed. She felt like such a colossal failure. Feelings like this tempt susceptible individuals to go for additional scoops of ice cream in their freezers. Toni was vulnerable, no matter how hard she tried to deny it.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t competent, strong, or adaptive; she was all of those things.

In fact, he’s a little too flexible. Toni has lived in two nations, six states, and nine cities throughout her lifetime. She’d moved eight times in ten years, remodeling a few homes and establishing a network of connections for herself, her husband Jason, and their two children in each location. “We have new neighbors. New instructors are being hired. New coworkers have arrived. “You have to develop individuals in every aspect of your life,” she adds.

She became a chameleon as a result of the event. She says, “I learned how to be anyplace — anywhere — and simply blend in.” It’s a valuable talent, but it has an emotional cost, which Toni didn’t realize for a long time.

She and Jason planned to remain in Texas once they arrived. As a result, people put more of themselves into one location than in any other. They designed and decorated their ideal house, a beautiful, light-filled stone building surrounded by greenery with plenty of room for the whole family to develop. Toni concentrated her efforts on her long-neglected coaching profession now that the kids were well established in school. It was a happy time. It was as good as it’d ever been. She seemed to be content and in control. The term “chameleon” is becoming less and less popular. She’s becoming more grounded and true to herself.

It’s time to demolish.

Jason then accepted an intriguing new job with a business in Illinois. They thought it wouldn’t be an issue. This moving business is second nature to us. We’ll take it in stride!

Something was different this time, as Toni would discover over the following year and a half. Different in a big way.

She thinks about how adaptable she is. “As long as you don’t lose your you-ness.” She notices a clear echo in her words and chuckles, having done her share of nighttime reading to her children. “Hey! I have a Dr. Seuss-like voice!” Unfortunately, she didn’t have the assistance of a well-known children’s novelist. She might have benefited from his witty advice.

Because here was the issue: Toni had finally begun to establish roots in Texas after years of forced adjustments to many settings. She’d created a real home and a professional identity for herself, rather than simply attempting to fit in and satisfy others. Leaving Texas meant letting go of it — and a piece of herself.

What followed shouldn’t have come as a surprise. She calls it “self-sabotage.” “I couldn’t believe it, but I had already fallen into that trap before the transfer! I was throwing a tantrum like a two-year-old.”

Clients learn about the important difference between the logical and emotional brains during coaching and acquire methods to assist direct the emotional brain toward better choices. Toni, on the other hand, didn’t have access to such teachings at the time. She recognizes that she was bored, aimless, and furious in hindsight. She was aware that she was in a state of mourning. “But, on some level, I reasoned, if I can’t have the identity I desire, I’ll become the polar opposite. So there you have it!”

Meanwhile, the trash in their new Chicago home’s driveway was quickly filling up. The whole family slept in the living room on air mattresses.


Toni and her family “in the beginning”

For five months, they were without a functioning kitchen.

“How did we get here? We went out to eat. Quite a bit. We also didn’t dine in locations where it was easy to make good choices.”

Toni made a slew of little choices every day. “Do you think the plumbing line should run through here? What color is the backsplash going to be? How many electrical outlets should there be, and where should they be placed? “Which refrigerator brand should we get?” It was taxing, and it left her with even less energy and motivation to care for herself. She was now exhausted and emotionally numb, in addition to being overweight.

Toni realized she had to act when the scale reached 185 pounds.

She even believed she understood what she needed to do. She’d been on the PN Boards for a while, after all. She knew what she needed to know. So, why was her weight continuing to rise? Why did she still feel so helpless?

Information alone didn’t seem to be enough to bring about change. And admitting that she couldn’t do it alone was tough for her, a professional coach. “It was terrible… the shame, the self-blame.” For a long time, pride kept her from seeking assistance. She may have waited even longer if she hadn’t been so burnt out.

“I was tired of making choices. I needed to take a break from thinking.”

“For a time, I needed to delegate my thoughts. I’m going to do what someone instructed me to do.”

Toni did precisely that when it came to coaching. The program is put up in such a way that easy compliance ensures success. Check: habit, exercise, and assignment. Habit, exercise, and a task. It was good to relinquish control for a moment.

“I knew if I followed the regimen, it would work,” she adds. She also wanted to be successful. “However, I had no expectations for the precise outcomes.”

The truth was that in her numb emotional condition, the numbers on the scale or on a tape measure didn’t really matter to her. It didn’t matter since they were gradually decreasing — and she was becoming stronger. Toni was losing weight and progressing steadily.

But, even then, she sensed that something was lacking, and she felt it in her heart.

“I figured I could get by simply going through the motions,” she adds, implying that she hoped she could. This is referred described as the “difficult-easy” by coaching clients. And going from tough to simple will only get you so far.

She eventually came to a halt. She sighs and chuckles ruefully. After all, who has ever heard of a remodeling that went off without a hitch? She explains, “Then they want you to go deep and digest things.” It didn’t seem humorous at the time.

It was difficult to get to the bottom of things. It’s very difficult.

It’s as if you’re beginning from scratch. It’s similar to laying new foundations. The more she examined herself, the more she realized how severely she’d been harmed by her decision to leave her Texas home and job. “I made rational decisions. They were well-informed. But none of it mattered in the end. I was starting to feel like a quitter.”

Not only that, but she was still holding back, keeping something in reserve, and refusing to offer her all in order to protect herself. It was as if she had constructed a retaining wall to keep her bad emotions at bay.

The problem was, the wall was also a barrier to her good emotions. It also isolated her from her loved ones. She needed a successful cycle to turn things around. “I may hesitate to commit, but once I do, I’m all in,” Toni adds. She was ready to give the program all she had after her emotional boundaries had been torn down.


Toni takes part in the Turkey Trot with her children.

She was willing to expose her real identity, flaws and all.

She attended the Coaching meet-up in Niagara Falls in June of 2011. This proved to be a watershed moment in history.

“It was crucial to have a personal connection,” she adds. “All of a sudden, it all seemed real.” Working out and chatting with her coach and the other ladies on her squad allowed her to get a better understanding of their unique challenges and victories. She could feel herself letting her emotional guard down.

Her muscles were growing stronger, but her heart was weakening. Jason, her spouse, could not be happier about it. Toni explains, “I didn’t understand it at first, but coaching was not just about me.” “It was also about my family,” she said. I didn’t simply need anything; we required it. I’d become emotionally estranged from them.”

Despite the fact that Jason was not formally engaged in the program, he followed Toni’s lead and lost 30 pounds. And the whole family had to learn to communicate in a new manner. “What can you speak about if you can’t talk about food with the people you care about?” Toni ponders. The Bauer family is speaking more openly these days.


Toni and Jason, two muddy racers


After Coaching, Toni and Jason.

“I thought Toni would be a winner from the start.”

Coach Krista Schaus agrees. “Take a look at her e-mail address. Elev8. This is someone who wanted to give it her all.”

She started off as a silent leader, supplying her team with exercise spreadsheets and sometimes stepping into the forum to provide helpful advise.

“However, I had no idea she’d win,” Krista says. Toni had to be able to open herself up to profound change and establish her new center of gravity for it to happen.

Toni now adds, “We’re never all that we can be until we ask for assistance.” This critical realization marked the start of her true metamorphosis.

What’s the greatest thing about winning the big prize? Toni is unafraid to speak out. “It wasn’t because of the money. It was an opportunity to spend a whole day with my coach!” Her voice has a warm, obviously happy tone to it. “It’s true… I knocked on the door. She handed me the money. We posed for the camera. And she and the rest of the team were just collecting their belongings and getting ready to depart. I couldn’t take it anymore that she was going to come all this far and then go! This was my mentor! The individual whose example had been so influential in my life! So I asked her, “Can I join you for lunch?”

Toni and Coach Krista ended up spending the whole day and evening together, eating nutritious meals, collecting up her children from school, and sharing recipes and training ideas. “Just having her in my environment…” says the narrator. She sighs contentedly. It was the pinnacle of all she had strived for. Her fundamental identification as a fitness professional was confirmed. She’s come full circle now.

Toni is back to being the devoted and competent professional she always was.

She is now accepting new clients and serving as a mentor in Krista’s Coaching cohort. She’s built the proper foundation and has solid footing. She knows something crucial this time that she didn’t know previously. “Coaches are necessary for all of us. Mentors are necessary for everyone of us.” Coaching, thank you very much.

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Toni has been struggling with her life. She feels like she is always stuck in a rut, and that there are no options to help her regain control of her life. Reference: life coach examples.