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6 Tips For Spotting Warning Signs Of Food Intolerance

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There are hundreds of thousands of food types available to us, and knowing what and what not to consume can make the difference between living a healthy life and not. Many side effects are caused by a person’s intolerance of the food they consume.

In this article, we look at the warning signs that you might see due to food intolerance. It would help you understand how to adjust your lifestyle, diet, and other changes to ensure that you live a happy life.

What Is Food Intolerance?

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Food intolerance means your body is not adjusting to certain types of foods that you might have. It can be a simple ingredient or a specific type of food. Doing a food intolerance test helps to know what foods or ingredients your body is not adapting to.

Warning Signs Of Food Intolerance

1. Fatigue

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One of the common types of warning signs that your body shows is fatigue. You may not notice a change immediately. However, after a few hours or even minutes, your body would begin reacting to something you ate. You should be aware that it is a warning sign.

2. Diarrhea

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It usually happens only after a few hours of consuming a specific ingredient or food item. Ignoring this warning sign can be costly to your health. Some of the food items may not be suited to your body and diarrhea is the best way to send it out.

3. Sinus or Running Nose

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Often people are faced with this issue when they have something cold. However, they would be surprised to learn that it does not happen all the time. So, if you have a sinus infection or a running nose, it is best to avoid the food that caused it.

4. Constipation

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It is also a sign that your body is not able to accept some of the food items that you ate the previous day. It is crucial to consider this as a warning sign and take appropriate action. Not understanding your body can make this a regular phenomenon.

5. Cramps or Stomach Pain

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For some people, these symptoms after eating a specific item can be instantaneous. For others, it may take a few hours before they begin to feel the pain or cramp. It is also a sign associated with food intolerance, so you have to be aware of it.

6.  Rashes

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Getting rashes for no reason can be caused by food intolerance. Therefore, do not take these lightly. Consulting with a dermatologist or a skincare specialist might be a viable option. They can help identify the cause and suggest a cure for this.


As a person, it is not easy for you to know what caused your food intolerance to begin with. Moreover, you cannot easily associate it with the food that caused it. It is because you often consume a variety of items throughout the day.

If you have any of these problems regularly, you should take a tolerance test. Taking a tolerance test for foods can help you a great deal to alter your lifestyle and diet patterns. It would also ensure that you can live without these constant issues and live a comfortable life like other people.