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PN Coaching Clients: Welcome back! |

After a long break, PN Coaching is back and better than ever! We’ve updated our website and added new content to help you get the most out of your coaching experience.

Precision Nutrition Academy is a company that offers coaching services to people who want to improve their health and fitness. The company recently announced its reopening, so now is the time to join!

We’re about to open up a few spaces in the forthcoming Coaching group, as you’re presumably aware. (On Wednesday, July 14th, 2024, registration will begin.)

Many of the slots will go to people returning for a second or even third round of tutoring, which you may not be aware of.


You shouldn’t be doing that. There are as many good reasons as there are clients to keep working with PN Coaching.

Find out why some PN clients return to PN Coaching in this post. And why you should think about doing it yourself.

Coaching is neither a fad or a fad diet.

It isn’t just a “exercise” program.

It’s a system of evidence-based techniques that empowers our customers to take control of their diet and physical activity — and to make healthier life choices.

Many clients sign up for a second or even a third session of tutoring, which may surprise you.

Krista Schaus, a former cop, refers to it as “recidivism.”

Recidivism is, of course, a horrible thing in the legal system. A repeat offender is despised by everyone.

But, at PN, we respect and value our loyal customers because we understand it takes wisdom, humility, and courage to realize you could use some extra help.

Furthermore, our best performers are frequently return customers.

Take a peek at Katey Caswell, the Grand Prize winner. She had gone through PN Coaching before, but there was little progress and compliance.

She returned and smashed it again, shedding 100 pounds and winning the $10,000 reward.

The Transformation of Katey

Katey slimmed down by 70 pounds and 24.1 percent body fat!


  • 45 years old
  • 70 pound weight loss (from 209 lbs to 139 lbs)
  • 24.1 percent body fat reduction (from 38.9 percent to 14.8 percent )
  • Total Loss in Inches: 55 Inches (from 250 inches to 195 inches)

While a second chance at the prize money isn’t bad, there are as many good reasons to keep coaching as there are clients.

Do you have any doubts? Simply listen to what our customers have to say.

To safeguard their anonymity, we’ve utilized their community screen names. However, you may identify yourself in some of these tales.

Beginning with a large amount of weight to shed,

“I weighed 351 pounds this time last year. Sambaloelek, a second-timer, now weighs 281 pounds.

“Some of us have more fat on our bodies than we can safely and sustainably lose in a year.”

Enough with the words!

(Except to say that we are quite proud of our “greatest losers” and are inspired by their perseverance and personal fortitude.)

Stressed and thrown off course

Of course, not every second-timer has so much to lose at the outset.

Some people achieve — or even exceed — their objectives in the first round, only to be derailed later by difficult life events.

Honeybun 77 says, “I did 6-months of PN Coaching starting in August of 2010.”

“I received pretty good results (I’m glad to report I was a finalist!) and I truly liked how the program worked. I did everything correctly, I was compliant, and I was motivated. “I’m on top of the world!” exclaims the speaker.

Then she was confronted with a sequence of personal tragedies that would make any superhero cringe.

And when she eventually got up — shaken, heavy, and depressed — she knew PN Coaching was the perfect location for her to reclaim her power and optimism.

“I’m regaining my footing… It’ll be difficult to get things straightened up, but I know I’m stronger now… She declares, “This is going to be my year.”

Her attitude is admirable.

Getting used to the new way of life

Anyone can be thrown off course by stress. This is especially true if you haven’t had enough time to establish your new, better routines.

People learn at different speeds, so if you’ve spent a lifetime developing bad habits, it’s likely that breaking them will take more than a few months.

One of the reasons our new version of PN Coaching is a year long instead of six months is to offer folks more time to absorb and practice.

“I’m really pleased with the results I obtained in 2011 (I lost 18 pounds, dropped four clothing sizes, developed a regular exercise regimen, feel wonderful, and so on), but I still have more weight/fat to lose and muscle to build,” Tahoien says.

“I’ve spent the majority of my adult life weighing more than 200 pounds, and I really want to get these habits down before I go off on my own.”

To us, it makes logic.

Creating a new persona

Maintenance is a new experience for many PN Coaching clients. Many clients also tell us that it’s difficult to trust in yourself as a slim and fit person if you’ve been overweight for a long time.

Surprisingly, this is also true for persons who work in the industry!

“I’ve been overweight for the majority of my adult life. “At the end of last year’s PN Coaching program, I had dropped 30 pounds and felt better about myself than I had ever felt – ever,” says GymRat 77, a PN Certified Coach.

“I decided to take PN Coaching again because, while I know I have the tools to keep going on my own, I’m in unfamiliar terrain now; I’ve never been to the weight I want to be, and it’s a little scary!!”

New paths to take

Others set new goals if some clients need more time to trust in themselves as fit persons.

They understand that a second round of PN Coaching will enable them to pursue those objectives in a more organized manner.

TML Girl says, “When coaching was over, I started thinking about what I wanted to do next.”

“I realized I have new goals for this year — I want to lift more to gain muscle…and I want to focus a lot more on nutrition.”

“By breaking down my PN Coaching journey into individual goals for myself over the course of two years, I will be able to achieve those goals far more easily than if I tried to do too much, too soon.”

This makes a lot of sense as a reflection of our one-step-at-a-time mentality.

More guidance and assistance

The biggest benefits of returning for a second round, according to repeaters, are individualized coaching and community support.

Gymrat77 describes her choice to rejoin as “a lot of flip-flopping back and forth.”

“But it was the sense of community and solidarity that clinched it for me… knowing that there are a whole bunch of wonderful women fighting the same battles and working for the same goal.”

“You can’t help but succeed in [the PN Coaching forums] because there’s so much experience, support, comedy, and camaraderie. And when you’re part of a team, achievement is even sweeter!!”

It’s also easier to push yourself out of your “comfort zone” and into what JodiNZ refers to as the “learning zone” when you’re surrounded by a supportive group.

“We’re all at different stages of learning,” slrock says. “When we go through PN Coaching a second or third time, we catch things we might have missed or weren’t ready to use the first time.”

It’s the equivalent of seeing a movie or reading a book for the second time. You can tune into the intricacies now that you know the plot.

The journey isn’t over yet.

A second or third time in coaching promises all of that, plus a different approach to the process. Support, mentorship, ongoing learning and growth, renewed optimism, and a strengthened identity as a fit person — a second or third time in coaching promises all of that, plus a different orientation to the process.

AnnieO, a former finalist, says, “I’m working so hard to come to terms with the concept that this “journey” has no conclusion.” “There is no such thing as a magic number or an ideal number of reps.”

TML Girl agrees, “Once you reach the ‘end’ of one trip… you find yourself with new objectives and desires, so you embark on those.”

“PN Coaching has been a tremendous tool for me in learning how to attain various goals… or how to get back up when I fall down.”

It simply works.

When you think about it, it’s no surprise that individuals want to sign up for PN Coaching many times.

And the fact that they do speaks volumes about how beneficial working with a PN coach can be.

“I have to say, my initial instinct when I saw customers returning for a second time was that this must truly work if you stick to it,” says CheckYes.

Fearful Wonder adds, “Frankly, if it sucked, the last thing I’d ever want to see again is that PN logo.”

Instead, she renewed her contract for a second year, as did many others.

People keep coming back because they know it works. That’s all there is to it.

The element of readiness

Furthermore, folks may join up for a first round before they are fully prepared.

They know they should get in shape, and they think they want to get in shape, but they aren’t quite ready to make the commitment.

“PN Coaching is wonderful, and I noticed some amazing improvements after sticking with it for five months,” SherryEllen says.

“However, I’ll admit that I didn’t simply fall off the wagon; I flew off the wagon.”

“For some reason, I concluded that my own health… no longer mattered to me.” I can think of a few excuses: I didn’t have enough time because I worked 60 hours a week, I was dating someone new and wanted to spend all of my time with them, etc…”

“However, when it comes down to it, I let myself down… Making the commitment to oneself to follow something for a year is a major step.”


“When I was considering signing up again, one of the PN coaches told me that last year might not have been my year. It’s possible that I wasn’t ready for PN Coaching. But this year, I’m confident that I’ll be ready.”

Once more, everything is in order.

You might be ready at this point as well.

You are welcome to return at any time.

So, if you’re a new PN Coaching client and you observe some of your old clients returning to the program, you now know why.

There’s no need to be embarrassed or ashamed if you identify yourself in some of these stories as a previous customer.

Please return if you feel the need for a refresher.

We’re proud of our “recidivists” and hope to see you again soon. After all, as someone who has already completed the program, you have significant knowledge to share with the community.

Consider how hearing from folks who had already practiced hara hachi bu or learned the exquisite art of the Super Shake would have aided you the first time around.

Joining for another year benefits you in more ways than one. It allows you to contribute back to the community. That is something we cherish at PN.

So, farewell to impotence, isolation, and sorrow.

Say hello to a new sense of responsibility, companionship, and optimism.

Send an email to our Customer Service department. Any inquiries you may have will be gladly answered by them.

Also, keep in mind that you’re a member of the family.

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