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I’d love to get started… I’m just waiting for the perfect time.

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People often talk about the health benefits of meditation, but they don’t know how to get started. This article will walk you through some basic tips for meditation and give you a few pointers on where to start.

I am waiting for the perfect time to get started on my weight loss journey. I would love to get started but I am just waiting for the perfect moment.

Many of us are waiting for the perfect moment to take care of our health, nutrition and fitness. But it’s an all or nothing mentality: If I don’t do it right, it’s terrible! – rarely leads to you getting everything. It’s getting us nowhere.

Are you waiting for the perfect moment to start eating better, exercising more or finally getting in shape?

Are you putting off your dream trip, a new project or a skill you want to acquire?

If so, some of these phrases may sound familiar:

If I get another job.

When everyone’s less busy.

If I can find a training partner.

If I can find the right material.

When I’m less uncomfortable at the gym.

If I lose 20 pounds.

If I train right.

If my fridge is full of the right food.

Hello. Next week. Never.

Man is always waiting for the right moment. But why?

For many, it’s a great distraction and excuse. It allows us to avoid the real – and risky – work.

For others, perfectionism and avoidance are strong protections against potential embarrassment, criticism, and failure.

I could ___, but ___ protects us from pain.

Unfortunately, it also keeps us from growing, thriving and being what we could be.

That’s why all-or-nothing thinking – if I don’t do it perfectly, it’s worthless – rarely gets us anything.

It’s getting us nowhere.

There is no perfect timing. Never.

Sure, there may be a magical moment in your fitness journey when the universe falls into place…. and you put on your favorite t-shirt….. plus your comfy sneakers… And your favorite song is playing… And your body is full of boundless energy …. And your favorite gym is free (actually, the gym is empty today, yay!)…. And you’re doing sets of 10 reps like angels lifting weights for you.

But this magical moment will be just one of millions of other, less magical, moments that make up your real life.

If we’re talking about a moment that lasts, say, about ten seconds, that means you have between 2,398,377,600 and 2,556,165,600 potential moments in your life.

Which means that one perfect moment is only a very, very, very small part of everything that happens.

Yes, celebrate this beautiful moment as it comes. But don’t expect it, of course.

Take time for yourself. Create your moments.

Just so you know, no one is going to give you moments. You have to take your time.

Chase them away. Follow it. Make it happen.

Other moments are irritating and frightening. Separate small pieces of moments from the monolith of your day. Use your teeth if you have to – bite the bullet in times like these.

You have a chisel and a pick in your hand. You are the puppet of your moments.

Of course this bothers us.

We believe that this is not necessary. All the other moments are just… come to them. Everyone else has a lot of time on their hands. Enough money. Enough motivation. Enough information.

But here’s the thing. For everyone.

It’s like that, in moments. Moments resist expectations like water resists the intrusion of oil.

But there is an ideal time. In fact, there is always a perfect moment.

The perfect time has come.

Here. Today. A living, breathing piece of time you have now.

Because that’s all you have: the present moment.

Start. At the beginning.

Here’s another secret. You don’t have to work to reach the next moment.

All you have to do is start.

And then moments will pass, as moments do.

One moment will overlap the next and before you know it, you’re at your destination.

But I can’t! They say. I can’t take off! That’s the problem, you see!

No, it isn’t. If you can’t start, you’ve gone too far.

You don’t start with what you’re starting with. They try to start somewhere in the fantasy world.

For example, let’s say you decide to start reading about nutrition.

This can be a good start – if it helps you get to the next point.

But that’s not a good start when you’re sitting in your chair flipping through blogs, charts, plans and reviews until it’s time to turn out the light and you still haven’t made any good food choices today.

So it’s probably not a good idea to start reading.

It must be something else, like going to the fridge, pulling out a fresh, shiny apple and eating it.

Or make a shopping list and put it next to your car keys for the next day.

Or read the menu of the restaurant you’re going to and choose a salad option in advance.

Starting means getting active. To begin is to commit to a particular choice. That’s how you know it’s a real start.

The game starts when you toss a coin into a pinball machine, not when you stand looking at all the pinball machines in the arcade and decide which one you want to play.

The journey begins when you lift one foot and put it in front of the other, not when you’re wondering which way to go or if you should have worn different shoes.

For some people, the beginning has to be an even smaller action. You can start by lifting the foot. Or shift the weight to one leg.

To place the first foot in front of the second may require some assistance. And that’s good.

As long as something is moving, it’s a start.

Passing. Take the resistor.

Many people who are just starting out think they have failed when they feel resistance.

That they cannot eat the vegetable because of the bitter taste of broccoli when they first taste it, and because they accidentally overcooked it.

Because they forgot the list of exercises on the kitchen table, they can’t work out when they go to the gym.

If their feet hurt while climbing, it means they are not ready to climb the hill yet.

No. Sometimes it seems that way.

Beginnings are often difficult, at least in the beginning. Like turning the gears of the brain.

Give it time. Don’t give in to the urge to press pause. Go through it. At some point, it will take a different path.

Remember: You don’t have to fight resistance the whole way.

You just have to overcome the resistance of the first moments.

To receive support. Right now.

To make the rocket leave the earth, it has to pull very hard against gravity. He needs a boost.

To get a heavy train moving, an additional motor may be needed.

We can only begin and continue. But it helps a lot when someone pushes or pulls us.

Someone who can call us to procrastination and perfection. About our information trip and the waffle.

Someone who can pull us out of an all-or-nothing trance state with a gentle nudge and a reminder.

For a while, we may even become attached to this or that, as if we were adding an extra engine to our front-end. Along the way, we can turn off unnecessary machines that we realize are taxing us. We are becoming lighter, leaner, more mobile.

We won’t need the extra engine anyway. Our train is running by itself now. The landscape passes in front of the windows, and we leave for a great adventure.

But first, we had to go.

What to do next
Some advice from

If you’re still waiting for the right moment, try these tips to stop being stuck and take action.

1. Reconsider your expectations.

Realize that there is no perfect moment and there never will be.

There is only the now.

2. Allow time, even if it is not perfect.

No one will give you that time. You have to accept it. Give yourself permission to make yourself and your fitness and health goals a priority.

Find the time you need in your schedule. Don’t have time for a one-hour workout? No problem. How much time do you have? 20 minutes? Ten minutes? Work with what you have.

Don’t expect everything to be perfect. Instead, anticipate and be strategic. Ask yourself:

  • What can prevent what I hope to achieve?
  • What can I do today to move me forward in the face of these obstacles?

Instead of waiting for calm to return, in the midst of the chaos, you need to start doing something now.

3. Start.

If you feel stuck, do something about it. All kinds of things.

Find the smallest thing you can do right now, in the next 5 minutes, and do it. Now you’ve started!

In PN coaching, we focus on finding 5-minute actions. Instead of imagining the biggest, grandest plan, think about what you can do in just 5 minutes to make at least a little progress toward your goals. Then do it.

Remember: Action is a voice for a different, healthier and sportier life. Vote early, vote often.

4. Expect resistance.

It’s all right, it’s all right. Go through it. Resistance doesn’t mean it won’t work. It just means you’ve started.

You just have to get through this moment. This moment of entry will be the most difficult. Fortunately, it won’t take long.

5. To receive support.

Abandon the concept of the lone hero. Instead, start building your support systems.

Whether it’s a friend or family member, a training partner or a coach, find someone to launch your rockets until you can fly yourself.

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