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Does The Gut Influence Mental Health

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Our bodies are functioning in a very complex way, and it is being regulated by various mechanisms for homeostasis. Everything that deviates from the normal homeostasis values causes specific symptomatology. This leads to a better diagnosis and quicker therapy ordination.

The gut besides digestive functions has been proven as an essential part of mental health regulation. This is a matter of study for a long time, and it shows various connections related to certain bacteria deficits and mental diseases.

To show you how does the gut influences mental health in detail, we have made this article. In addition, you will be able to learn how to mediate this process and improve your health through dieting and supplementation models.

How do the intestinal microbes communicate with your brain

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Besides protection from pathogenic microorganisms by competition, gut microbes serve an essential role in food breakdown. When you eat, the particles are being digested, and the proteins are being broken into smaller amino acids.

These amino acids can be recognized by the nerves, and they can be used as transmitters or modulators of the nerve response. By having balanced colonization of gut microbes, the food can be broken down properly, having your brain exposed to happy hormones.

Disbalances and depression

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When there is stress involved, or there is an inflammation inside the bowel, these microbes cannot function properly. This leads to deficient amino acid production, which can cause mental health problems.

In case you are having a probiotic disbalance, where you miss out on certain bacteria, the lack of acids can lead to depression. There are additional studies on specific microbes that prevent depressive sensations and anxiety.

Probiotic intake

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To keep a healthy gut, you will need to keep your gut microbes balanced. This can be achieved by ingesting probiotics and replenishing the bacteria that you miss. Yogurt is an easy and highly efficient method of probiotic supplementation. However, if you need something specific, there are various supplementation products available like the ones on methyllifepro.com.

Besides working on your probiotic intake, you should feed your bacteria as well. There are lots of food sources that are beneficial for gut microbes. Greenery and garlic as well as mushrooms are just an example. In addition, red fruit, cocoa, and legumes are also beneficial.

Gut microbes and their happiness contribution

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As we have mentioned above, the microbes are involved in peptide degradation where short-chain amino acids are the result. They get recognized by receptors that trigger serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in the happiness sensations. Keep in mind that this neurotransmitter is being a target of many medications to treat depression, so using your gut is beneficial as well.

In addition, there is another neurotransmitter that is being stimulated by the amino acids produced by the gut bacteria. That is GABA, an inhibitor transmitter. Stressful periods, as well as anxiety, overexcite the brain which leads to symptomatology. Well, the inhibitory transmitters are blocking the excitations, which is why we feel calm afterward.

Keeping a good balance in the gut microbe colony is the right way of improving your mental health without any medications. Since it is quite easy to adjust your dieting habits, you should not wait, and begin as soon as possible.