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Is It Better to Be Tense or Relaxed in a Car Accident?

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Car accidents are the biggest reason for people to end up in the ER with severe injuries. There are various reasons for car accidents, such as distracted driving, shooting gaps, going too fast than the standard speed limit, following someone too closely or even cutting too close at the traffic lights. These are a few reasons, whereas drunk driving inexperience or any issues with the car are not as common as they would seem.

Car accidents could happen to anyone. Therefore, it is important to know what you should be doing in a car if you happen to be in an accident. Many people who get into these accidents are not sure what they should do first in that situation. You could be the bystander, or you could be in a car crash. Your first step in that situation is very important in saving that person’s life.

The wrong step would not only take away that person’s life, but it would be even a greater loss to the families who lost that person. A visit to a car accident chiropractor can solve your queries related to injuries. But should you first call your relatives or someone nearby or call the police? Should you try to get out, or should you stay inside as long as you can? Should you brace the impact or be relaxed? Such queries are addressed for you below.

What To Do After A Car Accident?

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The first few steps after an accident are very important not only according to the law but also for the insurance companies. You should follow these steps accordingly, depending on the injuries sustained in the car crash. These steps are as follows.

  • Checking yourself or your injuries is the most important step that you should take if you are injured. You should call 911 as soon as possible. If you are not able to move, you should ask someone nearby to call for you. In case of serious injuries, you should minimize movement as much as possible until the ambulance comes.
  • You should check up on your passengers if you are not heavily injured in a crash. If any of the passengers are sustaining serious injuries, you should call 911. If you are not in any situation, you should ask any bystander to call for you.
  • If you are in any position to move and get out of the card, then you should get to safety as soon as possible. Getting to the sidewalk on the side of the road is better than staying inside the car. If it is safe to drive your car, then move your car to the side so that the traffic is not disturbed. If driving the car to safety is unsafe, then you and your passengers should get to safety.
  • The car crash could be major or minor, depending on the scene. Calling the police as soon as the accident happens is very important. If the police cannot come to the site, then you should go to the nearest police station and file a report. Many insurance companies ask for a police report when you file to claim your insurance.
  • To avoid any fire or blasts on the car then, you should turn off the engines. After turning off the engines, you should use a torch or an emergency flat to warn other cars in case they collide with yours. After this, you should wait for the police to come instead of taking help from unknown people or even tow trucks if you didn’t call for them.

What To Do To Avoid Injuries In A Car Crash?

The best way to avoid car injuries and better grip your car’s mobility is to get its maintenance done regularly. If your vehicle is in poor shape, you could lose your brakes and slam into someone else’s car. Worst care, your car could catch fire if your oil and engine are not maintained. While getting your car’s maintenance, you should change the oil, breaks, air filters and spark plugs if they are not in good condition. Other steps are as follows:

1. Seat Belt

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Wearing your seat belt and adjusting your seat so that you are as far away as possible from the airbags while still being able to hold the steering is an important thing. Airbags help you from avoiding your body from getting thrown in a crash and sustaining injuries. But in car crashes, airbags also sustain pressure, and avoiding high pressure on the airbags can help you avoid burns and injuries.

2. Body Posture

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It would be best if you sat upright when driving, making sure that the steering wheel should face your chest. If doing so, then the airbags work best in case of accidents. If you know that you are going to be in an accident, you should brace yourself for the incoming impact. It means that if you are tensed before the impact, you would be able to avoid getting thrown up and down in a car crash.

3. Brace Yourself

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To avoid any serious injuries to your nerves and ligaments, you should brace yourself against the headrest. While doing so, you must also ensure that your head is not leaning forward but looking forward and your legs are pressing the brakes. Tensing before the impact helps you tighten the muscles in your neck and back to protect your nerves, ligaments, and disk. Major injuries in accidents are caused to the neck and back.


Whatever may be the reason for the accident, it is important to tense up before the car crash. It is only after the accident has happened, and you are not in the position to move or get yourself out of the car, that you can relax. Then wait for the police and ambulance to come for help. Not forgetting that you have to first call the police after the accident..